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BioThema applications: 1) Rapid cell counting, cell proliferation and cytotoxicity. 2) Assays of enzymes and metabolites. 3) Reporter gene expression and in vivo imaging. 4) Hygiene monitoring in food industry and hospitals. 5) Drug discovery HTS. 6) Immunoassays. Customers include: A) Research institutes. B) Clinical diagnostics. C) Biotech and pharmaceutical industry. D) Food, beverages and water industries. E) Cleaning industry. Examples of kits: 1) Microbial ATP Kit HS for the specific measurement of microbial ATP in the presence of ATP from other sources.2) D-luciferin for in vivo imaging has the highest activity in a comparison among 8 manufacturers. 3) Kinase RR Kit for monitoring ATP depletion in e.g. protein kinase reactions.
Arne Lundin
BioThema use its unique expertise in ATP and firefly luciferase to help our customers to develop their assays to perfection.
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    Arne Lundin
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    Arne Lundin and Ulrika Lundin
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